Customer Testimonials

Marian, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick.
In March 1998 I caught pneumonia.  I received treatment and thankfully recovered.  However in late 1998 / early 1999 I became concerned with a 'line' directly at the top of my left lung which was causing me a lot of discomfort. I was admitted to hospital feeling ill and worried.  I underwent a series of investigations and to my delight nothing showed up.   Despite receiving the all-clear this line of discomfort still remained and for the next 8 years I was being treated with antibiotics every few months. The medication helped but my discomfort not only remained but my condition deteriorated. The discomfort spread along my left side and behind my ribcage. During this period I received Biodynamic Massage which I found helpful. During these massage sessions I noticed a lot of movement on my left side which was not present on the right side. I gained some consolation from this because I realized that I was not imagining the discomfort.
In December 2008 I was getting much worse. I seemed to have a lump at the back of my line of discomfort. I could not lie on my left side and I had difficulty in sleeping. I was referred again to my specialist who carried out a series of tests.  Again nothing showed up ... thank God! The discomfort worsened and I was treated with antibiotics on a full time basis. I felt so angry and sad..not knowing if I was imagining this feeling and thinking 'where do I go from here'?I dreaded being on antibiotics for the remainder of my life.
Then just last month I heard from a friend about the Salt Therapy Spa. I decided to give this a try and I headed off on my journey to Malahide. On my first session I slept. At my second session I had this sensation that a warm blanket of kindness was descending over me and wrapping itself around my left side. YES I thought.....something is happening here. After my sixth session, OH MY GOD.....A Miracle!!! I awoke next morning and I could not believe my eyes. Exactly around the line of discomfort which I had all these years the area had become red and it was weeping. I just could not put into words my joy and delight. The relief I felt after all this time was just wonderful.
 After each of the following sessions I felt a new movement and healing. On my fifteenth session I felt that I was nearing the end of the infection as the red line and the discomfort had disapeared. I have now completed my twentieth session and am on my way home, a new person, free of any discomfort for the first time in twelve years.
My thanks to Richie, Maria and staff at the SALT THERAPY SPA.
Bernie Christian, Beaumont.

I have suffered with psoriasis from 15 years of age (now 47)  been on medicated shampoo and scalp applications (prescribed) since then.After 5 sessions I barely have a trace of it left. I am using mousse and 'over the counter' shampoo.
Emma Christian, Beaumont.
Came for chronic sinusitis.  Using prescribed nasal spray 3 years, hay fever tablets daily. After 5 sessions, I can smell and starting to taste again. Huge improvement and sleeping better.
Pauline Polard, Sutton.
Having suffered with Asthma for over 30 years and having bad sinus and lung infections, I was on antibiotics and steroids every couple of months. I discovered Salf Therapy Spa.  I did 10 sessions over a few weeks. I went for my check-up and my doctor said my breathing had improved. I am still on my inhalers, but I have not had to take antibiotics and steroids for nearly 6 months now. My sinus is much clearer, I don't cough as much and I sleep a lot better. I intend having Salt Therapy every few weeks just to keep on top of it and best of all it is natural
Audrey Potter, Santry.
Brought my 9 year old son in as he had difficulties breathing and coughing. Within 2 sessions he could climb the stairs without coughing.Fantastic system, would highly recommend it to everyone. Staff very accomodating and friendly. Room very relaxing.
Jennifer Taafe.
 I found the salt therapy sessions absolutely fantastic for my little boy aged 5 months.   After the first session I noticed a difference straight away. Dylan seemed brighter and also drank a 5oz bottle as soon as we came out which was such a relief because all I could get him to drink before this was up to 2 ozs as he was so congested. The children's room is fantastic. Dylan loved the lights and the toys and fish! I found the whole experience so relaxing, the premises are state of the art.  It felt so great to be able to do something for Dylan to help as he was so sick and I felt helpless. I noticed benefits in my sinus and breathing too. Dylan had, bronchiectasis, teething, asthma, eczema and an upper airways infec
Attracta Dooley, Drumcondra.
My son Justin, 11 years old is a chronic asthmatic. Since starting salt therapy he has not had to use his ventalin inhaler and has had no infections, so no visit to the doctors or hospital. Justin also feels well in himself. 
Phillip Sheerin,Tallaght.
 I have suffered from eczema for 2 years and after salt therapy it has almost vanished.   I would recommend it to everyone. Also since my son Freddie was born his breathing has been very bad. He is not yet 1 year old. He had been prescribed steroid medication.   since the salt therapy his breathing is 100% better. He was on 2 inhalers 4 times a day, 1 steroid and cough syrup. 
Cathal Forde,Portmarnock.
Sam age 4 years has really benefitted from 10 sessions. His night time cough is gone for the moment and hopefully permanently. Jack age 1 showed signs of developing the same cough but after the 10 sessions we hope to prevent it. Thanks.
Mary Nolan, Dublin 12.
I have been to the Salt Therapy Spa and have had six sessions. I feel fantastic, it's a lovely relaxing place and I would highly recommend it.



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"HUNDREDS RUSH TO TRY NEW TREATMENT FOR CONDITION"... Click Here to download .pdf file of Evening Herald article




Experts including Asthma UK are backing the treatment, called Halotherapy.

Salt therapy claims to work by clearing the airways of mucus and reducing inflammation triggered by allergies to dust, pollen or pollution.

These particles, invisible to the naked eye, penetrate deep into the respiratory system. Minerals including potassium and magnesium are said to help reduce inflammation and clean out mucus blocking the airways.

Experts have already found that asthmatics can breathe easier if they are sent down salt mines.

A Finnish study found that sufferers' lungs were less likely to show allergic "hyper-responsiveness" to their environment


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